Online Class Schedule

Here is our current class schedule.  ALL CLASSES ARE LISTED IN EST

Below you will find the links for joining ALL PRO Software Classes.



1030a PRO Q&A w. Mike

1130a Open Dispatching w. Mike

1230p Open Billing Workflows w. Mike

******We have NEW Specialized Classes throughout the Month:  PLEASE VIEW CALANDER LINK BELOW

-Creating Contracts

-Building Inventory

-Batch Billing/Invoice Reconciliation

-QR Codes

November Class Schedule  <-------  CLICK HERE TO VIEW

Classes are 45 minutes in length followed by a 15 minute break.  This is a reminder that you are not expected to actively participate in the class if you sign up. It is helpful to be able to have it going on in the background during implementation to familiarize yourself with the program so we plan to keep that feature.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

PRO Software Team Office Phone --> 800-858-0344

Need something more, schedule for a 1:1 training!

NOTE --> All private training and implementation meetings will now be scheduled through our Online Calendar System. You will ONLY be billed for this after you have used up your hourly credits. You can purchase more hourly credits at the time of sign-up.

1) Follow the link

2) Click the dropdown

3) Schedule yourself for any available time


We are here for any questions.  Have a wonderful week